Monday, August 17, 2009

hello & goodbye

It's been a little while since I posted, eh? I am still in Quebec City, but leaving on the road again in a few minutes...

In the time since Peter left for new adventures, I have been having a wonderful time trying to learn some french, staying with new friends, playing tons of music, etc... I hitch hiked 400k north into the bush to live in community with about 100 other peace-loving people, at a Rainbow Gathering that was happening... camping, working together, dancing and meditating and having the most incredible jam sessions ever... then I hitch hiked to Montreal to see people I know there, then back to Quebec...

It has been a crazy and wonderful time, but now it's time to head south, get pedaling again. I'm probably quite out of shape. We'll see, I have to cross the mountains tomorrow... fun! It's always worth it on that crazy downhill plummet, wind whistling in my hair...

Will update again before too long!

Peace, joy, and positive energies


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